Recycled skateboards material

Recycled skateboards material have some unique features to become a great new product:

  • Made out of strong and durable Canadian maple hardwood
  • Skateboards consists of 7 wood plies pressed and laminated together that usually have from 1 to 7 coloured layers and some natural wood colour plies.

Stainless steel inserts

Our stainless steel inserts are made out of 1.4301/304 steel, add significant weight to a shift knob and improves shifting experience compared to wooden knobs alone.

Shift knobs can be made to fit most manual and some automatic transmissions:

  • Threaded, e.g. M10x1.5, M12x1.25
  • Non-threaded / slide on fastening with screws, e.g. for BMW, VW, Audi
  • Reverse lockout, e.g. GT86, Subaru
visible hidden

Visible vs hidden

Stainless steel inserts can be hidden or visible at the bottom of the knob.

Final shift knob weight depends on the shape of the knob and whether insert is visible or hidden. A teardrop shaped knob will be from 150 to 250 grams and 300 grams if fitted with heavy weighted steel insert. A planet knob – 140 – 200 grams. Dildos – 300+ grams.

Universal shift knobs

Universal shift knobs are originally threaded M16x1.5 and comes with an adapter. Threaded adapters are made from POM and will fit most threaded shift knobs.

For VW and Audi cars we have developed an aluminium adapter that hides under the shift boot.

When buying a pre-made universal shift knob choose the right adapter or contact us before purchasing.

universal shift knobs
custom shift knobs and sets

Custom made shift knobs

We are more than happy to build a special shift knob just for you.

Specifications we need to know before we can produce one:

  • Shift knob fitment
  • Shape (planet, teardrop, stick, dildo, planet drop, TR or custom)
  • Main colours. Note: a deck will usually have some layers of natural wood colour
  • Coat of oil, like black, brown, red wood oil or no oil
  • Finish: mat or glossy
  • Engraving. Files for laser engraving have to be in a vector format (.png, .pdf, .ai, .eps, etc.)