SKATE HUB is where passionate skate geeks create under the same roof  to promote and support skateboarding.


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Lithuanian Skateboarding Federation (LTRF)

LTRF is an official member of World Skate international skateboarding federation and represents interests of clubs engaged in skateboarding activities in Lithuania and abroad.

Main objectives and area of work:

  • Promote and develop skateboarding in Lithuania
  • Initiate, contribute and implement projects improving skateboarding infrastructure
  • Organise and contribute to skateboarding events, such as Lithuanian skateboarding championship, Go skateboarding day, etc.



Justinas Ivoška
(8-657) 13355

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core indoor vilnius

Core Indoor Vilnius skatepark

Core Indoor is the first core skatepark in Vilnius dedicated strictly for skateboarders. Skate school, private lessons, skate events, movie streamings. Free to skate during opening hours.

The park is an initiative of active Lithuanian skateboarders to create a positive leisure space that promotes community and physical activity through skateboarding. Located in the unique industrial environment of Paribio str. 12, the park invites skateboarders of all ages and skills to enjoy and build a productive and active leisure and to improve their riding skills.


  • Skate school is set up to learn in 5 small 5-7 persons groups with tutors. Groups are divided according the age and skill level.
  • Free to ride everyday (except on the skate school working hours; the up to date timetable can be found in
  • Individual lessons – personal and group sessions with tutors upon request
  • Competitions, like Game of skatepark, Ramp jam, Young Gung’s League, etc.
  • Movies and skate events streaming



Paribio str. 12,
Vilnius 08101
(8-657) 13355

CDIY Showroom & Workshop

CDIY workshop and showroom is where all our recycled skateboards magic happens.

Read CDIY story

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cdiy showroom
bernot caps

Bernot.caps tailor shop

Bernot.caps aims to find the most interesting patterns in old clothing or any kind of material that stopped serving its first purpose and repurposes it into unique hand sewed caps.

How about your favourite old jacket becomes one of the kind hand crafted head wear piece?

Bernot creates sustainable fashion, raises sense of awairness and promotes responsible consumption.



Paribio str. 12,
Vilnius 08101

SKATE HUB showroom

SKATE HUB showroom is a local spot for core skateboarders as well as all people interested in unique and handmade products. Built out of true love for skateboarding offers great deals on skate gear, recycled skateboards products and unique apparel.

SKATE HUB showroom offers products by Commune DIY, Bernot Caps, Fully Ghetto and other creative brands.

The showroom also collects old skateboards in exchange for a discount to a new board.



Paribio str. 12,
Vilnius 08101

fully ghetto

Fully Ghetto

Fully Ghetto – skate gang originally started in 2014, Kaunas. New generation skaters hyped on rebuilding skate culture in Lithuania and putting the dot on the map.